This USC physicist wants you to talk about science. His new graphic novel can get you started

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Clifford Johnson wants you to talk about physics.

Quantum gravity? String theory? The fate of black holes?

All of it should be discussed, according to the theoretical high energy physicist from USC. That goes for everyone, even those of us who can’t tell a neutron from a neutrino.

“People say ‘Ah, it’s not for me.’ Or they say, ‘I don’t have that kind of brain,’” he said. “I just don’t believe in that.”

To prove his point, he has written and illustrated a graphic novel, “The Dialogues.” It depicts a series of conversations about astrophysics, quantum physics, and the stretchiness of space and time, among other topics.

Characters in “The Dialogues” meet at costume parties, talk on trains and amble through the streets of Los Angeles and other cities.    Quantum gravity? String theory?