Mutko Steps Down from Russian Football Role

2018 FIFA World Cup Lifestyle

Mutko told reporters in Russia today he was stepping down to dispute his Olympic ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The IOC included a lifetime ban for Mutko for his role as Sports Minister during the manipulation of the doping lab at the Sochi Olympics. Mutko also served as head of organizing the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but indicated he may step down.

The IOC ban did not specifically implicate Mutko in the scheme in Sochi, but banned him for failing to follow anti-doping rules. Mutko has continued to deny to existence of any state sponsored doping system.

“So that our organisations are not disturbed during the legal investigation,” Mutko said to journalists after a meeting of the RFU. “I have asked to suspend my duties for up to six months.

“Regarding the issues of relationship with Fifa and the organising committee, as long as [Vladimir Putin] trusts me, I continue to work as deputy premier and oversee the preparations for the world championships.”    Mutko told reporters in Russia today