How To Manage Your Software And Hardware Assets.

Assets Technology

Building an embedded and sustained Information Infrastructure is at the very center of most organisations today. Be it for a digital transformation initiative, compliance, cyber security or a pure cost efficiency initiative. Increasing number of organisations are looking to optimise their IT Infrastructure effectively than ever before.

But how exactly do you manage these assets properly to obtain ideal results?

In this article, we discuss best practices in hardware and software asset management, which you can apply to your own organisation. And because these assets are normally part of a corporate network, we’ll look at some tips in network management as well.

Best practices in software asset management

1. Build a strong foundation for your SAM program

A SAM program won’t be able to run smoothly without a solid foundation. Before diving into the thick of software asset management, make sure you’re able to win full support from the top. Without executive sponsorship, you won’t have enough financial and human resources to carry out an effective program.      How To Manage Your