UNCATEGORIZED Global Quantum Computing Technologies Market Research Report Study by Development Status, Market Dynamics, Opportunities, Challenge and Risk 2022

Innovation Quantum computers

Global Quantum Computing Technologies Market Report provides important information related to the overall market and price forecast over a five-year period, from 2017 to 2022. This report is a valuable source of guidance for companies and individuals offering Industry Chain Structure, Business Strategies and Proposals for New Project Investments. Quantum Computing Technologies Market Segment by Manufacturers includes: Airbus […]

Being a single dad can shorten your life —Canada study


The risk of dying prematurely more than doubles for single fathers compared to single mothers or paired-up dads, according to a study of Canadian families published Thursday. “Our research highlights that single fathers have higher mortality, and demonstrates the need for public health policies to help identify and support these men,” said lead author Maria […]

Google to Invest in Science "Made in Germany" and Become a "TUM Partner of Excellence"

Advanced Materials AI Artificial Inteligence

Google and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have announced a long-term partnership. The cooperation in Munich will be based on research and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. As a “TUM Partner of Excellence“, Google will also donate 1 million euros to the TUM University Foundation, primarily to support talented young researchers. Google is the first non-European company to become an […]

‘Soft Skills’ Bill Moves Forward In House

soft skills Technology

The House Education Committee today unanimously passed a bill that would require schools to teach “soft skills,” that often improve the employability of Hoosier students.  That includes getting to work on time and working well with others. Republican Senator Jeff Raatz authored the bill.  He says soft skills are applicable to more than just the workplace. “What […]

The sine-wave like d-wave superconductivity in high magnetic fields


We study a possible sine-wave like superconducting state à la Fulde-Ferrell and Larkin-Ovchinikov (FFLO) for parameters appropriate for a high-T c cuprates YBCO and find this novel state is realizable forT≤0.4T c and in a magnetic field in the a−b plane in excess of 200 Tesla. The upper critical fieldH c2 (θ,t) depends on θ, the angle B makes from the […]

US carrier confirms Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note 5 will get Android Oreo

Innovation Technology

Samsung sold lots of Galaxy S6 and Note 5 flagships, as well as many of the former’s variations like the S6 edge and S6 edge+. All those people who still use these phones are still waiting for the handset maker to announce whether or not it will release Android Oreo updates for any of them. Until today, we only had rumorsSamsung get Android Oreo

Antibiotic use may be tied to rise in ‘lifestyle’ diseases

Education Family

Martin Blaser, MD, doesn’t dispute the fact that antibiotics have saved innumerable lives and revolutionized medicine. But when he looks at the global increases in recent decades of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, asthma, and obesity, and the concordant rise in antibiotic use, he sees a troubling connection. antibiotic resistance hosted

Automotive Chassis Harness Market Top Suppliers Analysis In Automobile Industry 2018 To 2025


Market Top Suppliers Global Automotive Chassis Harness Market Research Report 2018 to 2025 provides a unique tool for evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, and supporting strategic and tactical decision-making. This report recognizes that in this rapidly-evolving and competitive environment, up-to-date marketing information is essential to monitor performance and make critical decisions for growth and profitability. It […]

Pistons acquire Nelson, Ennis on wild trade deadline day

general Lifestyle

On a day where the Cleveland Cavaliers made most of the headlines, trading away players like Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and Jae Crowder, the Pistons also made a few moves to try to improve. On the heels of trading for Blake Griffin last week, Detroit actually traded away the two other players they […]

AI applied: How SAP and MapR are adding AI to their platforms


Sometimes when we write about analytics, machine learning and AI, it’s challenging to come up with concrete use cases. That makes it harder than it should be for readers to grasp the power of these technologies. And that’s a shame, because it makes AI seem ethereal rather than useful or easily understood. But every so […]

Narmi integrates top fintech companies into digital banking platform for credit unions

Business opportunities Education

Narmi, a financial technology company, showcases two of its remarkable fintech integrations – Billshark and Lemonade. Nikhil Lakhanpal, Co-Founder of Narmi, explained, “Currently, there is a huge disconnect between the FinTech world and the Credit Union world. Many FinTech companies have amazing technology and direct to consumer business models. Credit Unions have the desire to […]

Rostov Arena: All you need to know

2018 FIFA World Cup sports

FIFA.com continues its series introducing fans to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ stadiums, which are preparing to welcome both fans and the best footballers on the planet. Today we present the Rostov Arena, where five-time world champions Brazil begin their campaign against Switzerland on 17 June.    Rostov Arena  

Michael Kors Will Stage Runway Show at Broadway’s Vivian Beaumont Theater

general Lifestyle

Fashion designer Michael Kors will bring his Fall 2018 collection to Lincoln Center on February 14 in a fashion show on the stage of Broadway’s Vivian Beaumont Theater. The invitation for Kors’ Fall 2018 Collection was designed by theatre poster artist James McMullan, who has created artwork for Lincoln Center Theater productions for the last […]

Ambiente Frankfurt: 445 Indian exhibitors to display wares at 5-day lifestyle fair.

Family Lifestyle

The coming weekend will see lifestyle experts, architects, interior designers, decor specialists and exhibitors camping at Frankfurt for the Ambiente International Trade Fair. The five-day design fair, which will see the who’s who of the lifestyle world putting their stuff on display, Organised by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, the 2018 edition of Ambiente Frankfurt will […]

‘Ultra-intense laser’ stops electrons travelling at near-light speed for first time, mimicking black holes

Education quantum physics

Using a laser beam one quadrillion times brighter than the Sun, physicists have stopped electrons travelling at near-light speeds for the first time. The experiment produced a quantum mechanical phenomenon that was previously only thought to occur around black holes and quasars. This effect is termed a “radiation reaction”, and measuring how it works in a lab […]

United States Household Service Robots Market Report 2017

Innovation Machine learning

HTF MI recently broadcasted a new study in its database that highlights the in-depth market analysis with future prospects of Household Service Robots market. The study covers significant data which makes the research document a handy resource for managers, industry executives and other key people get ready-to-access and self analyzed study along with graphs and tables […]

Welcome to Minnesota, the Startup Capital of the North

3D Print Business opportunities

When NBC Sports announced it would web-stream a competition between startup ventures live from Minneapolis on Saturday, Minnesota companies were conspicuously absent from the line-up. Organizers behind the National Football League’s “First and Future” competition say the reasons vary — they excluded some companies with ties to the Rochester-based Mayo Clinic, for instance, because the judges include two prominent […]

Here’s why 100 qubit quantum computers could change everything

Business opportunities Education

At 100 qubits a single quantum computer processor would, theoretically, be more powerful than all the supercomputers on the planet combined. We may be closer to that milestone than you think and the world isn’t ready. Quantum computers are spooky devices that don’t follow the normal rules of physics. Instead of bits, like classical computers, […]


Ecommerce Family


Biotechnology quantum physics

For decades, scientists have tried to figure out why the genetic basis for life on Earth involved 20 key amino acids, when just 13 would have been enough to jump-start the evolution of all the proteins we’d need. Now, an international team of researchers has created a quantum chemistry model that explains what triggered the inclusion of […]

How AR and VR Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future

AI Artificial Inteligence AR

Imagine a high school student in your district. Her class is learning about muscles, but instead of watching a video or reading about it in a book, she can move a virtual arm and see an exposed bicep muscle contract. Are engines her thing? She can safely experiment with a virtual torque wrench in a […]

Education and Metal 3D Printing: GE Additive Announces New AEP Cycle, Work with Bosch to Optimize and Redesign Oil Header

3D Print Technology

Last year, GE Additive announced that it would invest $10 million over five years in the educational initiative GE Additive Education Program (AEP). The initiative was designed to nurture and develop the skills of tomorrow’s additive manufacturing experts, starting with making sure that students have access to the necessary resources and equipment – like polymer and metal 3D printers. This […]

Tesla works on charging answers for trucking clients

autonomous machines Innovation

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is working with UPS (NYSE:UPS) and Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) on building charging terminals at their corporate locations as well as building out charging stations on the road for truckers, according to a Reuters exclusive. The efforts by Tesla to turn the trucking industry toward the electric option also include working with PepsiCo, Walmart and […]

The 2018 Tesla Model S still delivers unequaled battery-electric performance, though its style and safety are beginning to show their age.

Innovation Lifestyle

We rate this year’s Tesla Model S at 7.8 points out of 10, giving it high marks for design, performance, safety, and energy efficiency, but fewer points this year for comfort and features than it received in years past. (Read more about how we rate cars.) Shoppers should know that Tesla’s model years simply correspond […]

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Adams & Maye Dominate Jets’ S Story


We began the 2017 season by revealing that first-round draftee Jamal Adams and second-rounder Marcus Maye were slated to become the first rookie starting safety duo on opening day in franchise history. That billing wasn’t over the top, and neither were too many opponent passes. Adams and Maye teamed up to give fans of Green […]

Job One for Quantum Computers: Boost Artificial Intelligence

AI Artificial Inteligence Innovation

Today the mashup of the two seems the most natural thing in the world. Neural networks and other machine-learning systems have become the most disruptive technology of the 21st century. They out-human humans, beating us not just at tasks most of us were never really good at, such as chess and data-mining, but also at […]

ECOMMERCE How India’s Government and Millennial population are facilitating an e-commerce Boom.

Business opportunities Ecommerce

Sebastián Kanovich, is the CEO and founder of dLocal, and will be writing on e-commerce and digital transformation of the payments landscape in India; “Thanks to India’s young, mobile-connected population and the progressive thinking of political leaders, e-commerce is a hot commodity throughout the region with the market growing at an unprecedented rate. For investors […]

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Greedy Russian hotel bosses boosting FIFA World Cup room prices by 5,000 per cent for England fans

2018 FIFA World Cup

The Agora in Kaliningrad is one of the hotels trying to take advantage of a spike in demand, with four group stage matches being played in the area including England’s match against Belgium on June 28. The hotel normally charges just 2,400 roubles (£30) per night. But during the World Cup, prices on online travel agent Booking.com […]

IBM: Boom, Bust, Or Somewhere In Between?

Business opportunities Education

IBM’s fundamentals exhibit mixed characteristics: The stock has an exceptionally high return on investment, a nice dividend yield, and decreasing liabilities. However, it is burdened with $40 billion in debt and decreasing liquidity/operating margins. IBM demonstrates promise due to the company’s focus on growth sectors, good management, and innovative technologies. Although IBM might experience a […]

Incredible genes’ can only do so much to counteract an unhealthy lifestyle

Family Life Sciences

What defines our health? Scientists know it’s some combination of genes, the environment, and the choices we make. But which one has the most impact? Last week, results of Donald Trump’s annual physical showed that, despite boasting a diet of high-fat, low-fiber foods, our President isn’t in bad health for a 71-year-old. His doctor, Rear Admiral Ronny […]

What ‘The Jetsons’ and Society’s Latest and Greatest Innovations Have in Common

Education Family

The innovations we saw in 2017 came to fruition much faster than even the most optimistic futurists had projected — except, maybe, for the creators of one of my favorite childhood cartoon shows, The Jetsons. As entrepreneur and optimist Peter Diamandis has written in his (and Steven Kotler’s) book, of the same name, we’re living in an age […]

Argentina Midfielder Rigoni: Nigeria Our Biggest Opponents In Russia 2018 Group D

2018 FIFA World Cup sports

Argentina midfielder, Emiliano Rigoni, has singled Nigeria out as La Albiceleste biggest threat at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Completesportsnigeria.com reports. Argentina and Nigeria will clash in the final group game in Saint Petersburg on June 26. La Albiceleste will also clash World Cup newcomers Iceland and Croatia Group D.‎   games against Nigeria

A chess game got Australian of the Year Michelle Simmons on the path to quantum physics

Innovation quantum physics

“It made me think ‘wow he didn’t really expect me to be able to do this’ and that really got me thinking ‘there must be other things that people don’t expect of me, let me find out what they are’.” One of those things was understanding the world at a level of physics and mathematics. […]

Modern jewelry for all occasions, today for you


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GRAIN HIGHLIGHTS: Top Stories of the Day

Business opportunities Education

Grain Futures Rise; Soybeans Lag Mexican Tequila Exports Hit Record in 2017 — Market Talk Cattle Futures Rally on Steadying Cash Trade Stories of the Day

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3D Print Advanced Materials

We comment on different areas of knowledge, today for you is for you.

Launch Day Arrives with a Cool Half Dozen New Hypers

sports Technology

If you’ve been waiting for Hyper Universe to launch, you’re in luck. Today marks the official release of Nexon’s latest game and comes complete with launch day rewards for everyone who joins in on the fun. The official patch notes for today’s launch includes a half dozen new Hypers as well as new language support […]

Groundbreaking experiment will test the limits of quantum theory

quantum physics science.

Professor Hendrik Ulbricht, of the University of Southampton, said: “The vast majority of phenomena and events that occur in our daily lives can be accounted for by the laws of physics established by Isaac Newton, but the microscopic world obeys the rules of quantum mechanics, which are so strange that they can seem counter-intuitive. “Whether […]


Business opportunities Innovation

Hablar de medios de pago electrónicos (tarjetas débito, crédito y transacciones electrónicas) ha dejado de ser un asunto exclusivo del sector financiero. La tecnología ha comenzado a jugar un papel fundamental ya que las tarjetas están en proceso de migración al mundo digital, sea hacia el celular o a otros dispositivos wearables, como las manillas ya lanzadas […]

Double Layer Supercapacitors Sales Market New Innovations and Technological Growth 2018 to 2022

Innovation Technology

Global Double Layer Supercapacitors Sales Market Report 2018 to 2022presents an in-depth assessment of the Double Layer Supercapacitors Sales including enabling key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, player profiles and strategies. The report also presents forecasts for Double Layer Supercapacitors Sales Market investments […]

LOTTE Advanced Materials Exhibits 19 New Surface Colors at KBIS 2018

Advanced Materials Technology

“With quartz countertops continuing to rise as the surface industry’s most popular material, we’re certain that expanding the Radianz quartz line is going to be widely popular among homeowners, designers, and architects throughout 2018,” said Dale Mandell, director of business development, LOTTE Advanced Materials USA, Inc.”    LOTTE Advanced Materials  


2018 FIFA World Cup general

Castle Lager has presented a rare opportunity to a local five-a-side soccer team to rub shoulders with the World’s best on the biggest stage in global football. A new and biggest five-a-side football tournament in the continent styled Castle Africa 5s was launched before high profile guests and media personalities at Discovery Soccer Park in […]

Negative Mass Particles Created for the First Time

quantum physics science.

According to ExtremeTech, an exciton is a bound quantum state of an electron, a so-called “electron hole” where an electron could exist in the semiconductor. Interaction with the electron in its quantum state eventually resulted in the creation of a new quasiparticle, dubbed as polariton, that has negative mass. “By causing an exciton to give up some of its […]


AI Artificial Inteligence artificial intelligence

If you’d go by the marketing newsletters of leading IT solutions vendors of the world, it would appear that artificial intelligence and machine learning are ideas that have come into being, almost magically, in the past two to three years. That’s untrue, of course. Artificial intelligence, in fact, is a term that was coined way back […]

CES 2018: Lenovo reveals Mirage Solo, its first standalone Daydream VR headset

AR Technology

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro was the world’s first smartphone to feature Project Tango. However, the experiment didn’t work out and Google went with the AR Kit and shut down Project Tango. Daydream, on the other hand, seems to have been a huge success for Google, as it is now partnering with Lenovo to manufacture […]

Pepper the Robot Lands at New North American Airports

Innovation Robotics

Pepper the robot is coming to an airport near you. Travelers can expect to see more of the 4-foot tall humanoid robot at select HMSHost North American airport restaurants. Pepper greets and engages traveling guests, provides menu details, and even offers menu recommendations. Pepper is a new airport experience that will surprise and delight guests and start […]

This USC physicist wants you to talk about science. His new graphic novel can get you started

general quantum physics

Clifford Johnson wants you to talk about physics. Quantum gravity? String theory? The fate of black holes? All of it should be discussed, according to the theoretical high energy physicist from USC. That goes for everyone, even those of us who can’t tell a neutron from a neutrino. “People say ‘Ah, it’s not for me.’ […]

Anti-Virus companies required to make changes to allow Meltdown/Spectre, future Windows Updates

Education Innovation

The latest Windows security updates that Microsoft released to address the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws seem to cause more issues than usual. Last week, the company warned Windows users that due to an issue with some versions of Anti-Virus software, this security path was “only being made applicable to the machines where the Anti virus ISV […]



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What to expect from the world’s biggest consumer electronics display, the Consumer Electronics Show

AI Artificial Inteligence artificial intelligence

FROM folding smartphones and robotic cat doors to televisions larger, sharper, and smarter than those currently in our homes, revolutionary technology is expected to emerge from the world’s largest technology show this week. More than 180,000 people will flock to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the world’s biggest technology firms, including […]

Sweet Haven Bakery helps fund HER Shelter, and teaches business skills to residents

Lifestyle Nutrition

They stand before trays of almond, vanilla, red velvet, strawberry and chocolate flavored cakes, squeezing creamy sweetness on to each. Sprinkles here, fruit and edible glitter there. For some, it’s an opportunity for first-time employment; for others, it’s stress relief and a way to be social, said Mary Irwin, coordinator of Sweet Haven Baked Goods, […]

5 things to know, and where Sacramento ranks for an active lifestyle

general Lifestyle

Sacramento ranks among the nation’s top 15 cities for an active lifestyle, according to a report released today by personal finance website WalletHub. Sacramento is No. 13 on the list, which is based on factors such as fitness-related costs and the number of fitness facilities per capita. The full report is available online. From fitness to […]

Google Allo no le interesa a nadie, según los datos de Google

general Innovation

De vez en cuando nos gusta echar un vistazo a las tendencias de Google a ver cómo se mueve el interés de la gente sobre ciertos tópicos Android. Hoy nos ha dado por investigar el interés de la gente por Google Allo, y para qué engañarse, el resultado era justamente el que esperábamos. Google Allo no interesa […]

Page turners: Improve your career aptitude with these noteworthy books


As 2018 begins, it’s time to open yourself up to new ideas and strategies. While not all job-related lessons can come from the pages of a book, there’s a lot of great information available to those who are willing to put in a little time and effort. We’ve compiled a reading list of recent books […]

Rams get meme treatment after Wild Card loss to Falcons


Los Angeles Rams’ magical season met an abrupt demise at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons, and social media definitely didn’t help ease the blow. The Rams suffered a season-ending 26-13 loss to Atlanta during Saturday’s Wild Card game at The Coliseum, and the team took quite the pounding on Twitter afterwards. Here are some […]

“It was slower than normal yesterday,” Ipock said on Friday morning.

Family general

While this week’s snow and ice event left many businesses closed and workers stranded at home, a few things didn’t change: City services had to be maintained and hungry stomachs had to be fed. While many local restaurants were shuttered Thursday, a few decided to open their doors to workers braving the icy roads and […]


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Tango Volcado, “Prairie Songs: Remembering Ántonia” make Spokane debuts at the Bartlett


“Creo que tenemos un amor por los demás y la música”, dijo el acordeonista Patricia Bartell. “La pasión por la música y lo que podemos crear juntos.” Bartell y violinista Tana Bachman-Bland, que también están unidas por el contrabajista Eugene Jablonsky en el Tango volcado, dijo Graves fue la primera opción de Feeney para que la […]

Kenyan Farmer Planning To Sue Over Project Loon Balloon Crash

Proyect Loon Technology

A Kenyan farmer plans to sue search giant Google after one of its balloons landed in his farm. The balloon, which belongs to Project Loon, crashed in his farm last week and many people went to the area to see what it was. The balloon did not cause any damage to his farm but he […]

Four Actresses Accuse Toronto Theater Leader of Sexual Harassment, Assault


Four women have accused Albert Schultz, the artistic director of Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre Company, of sexual harassment and assault in four separate civil lawsuits, according to a report in the Globe and Mail. Schultz is one of the co-founders of Soulpepper, which is the largest nonprofit theater company in Toronto and recently played a month-long Off Broadway residency at […]

Climate Corp. expands global research footprint


The Climate Corp., a subsidiary of Monsanto Co., recently announced 17 advancements accelerating through its research and development (R&D) pipeline, including global expansion of its research footprint to deliver science-driven, digital agriculture innovations to more farmers around the world. “Our innovation pipeline spans many areas of research and combines machine learning, data analytics and predictive […]

Buying interest to boost Bursa

2018 FIFA World Cup Technology

The equity market is expected to be relatively good for first quarter of 2018 as analysts believe the spill-over effect of the favorable seasonal factor coupled with improved buying interest/momentum to be the supporting factor for the positive uptrend. Emphasising that the trend is a short-run, Kenanga Investment Bank Research said as at end-2018 the […]

This Tesla Model 3 just set a new EV “Cannonball Run” record

Elon Musk Technology

A blue Tesla Model 3 unit with Aero Wheels has just set a new EV Cannonball Run record, traveling from California all the way to New York in 50 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds. The 2,860-mile trip was pulled off by automotive journalist Alex Roy, along with Model 3 owner, Daniel Zorrilla, as noted […]

Red Hat, tech giants move to counter major security flaws Meltdown, Spectre

Security Technology

Computer security experts have discovered two major security flaws in the microprocessors inside nearly all of the world’s computers. The two problems, called Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to steal the entire memory contents of computers, including mobile devices, personal computers, servers running in so-called cloud computer networks. Raleigh-based Red Hat is among the tech […]

FKF reveals names of 2018 FIFA referees

2018 FIFA World Cup deportes

According to FKF’s website – footballkenya.org, Yiembe went through Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) sponsored course for two years in Zurich, Switzerland courtesy of FKF, consequently gaining promotion to the elite league. “We have had Kenyan referees represent us in the CAF Champions League, African Nations Championships (CHAN) and the World Cup, which is a […]

Customer-driven personal mobility

IIoT Innovation

Consumers are demanding customized mobility options based on their individual and lifestyle preferences. Automation, artificial intelligence, digital commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamentally redefining how vehicles operate, and vehicle usage and ownership models may change entirely. The ripple effect of these disruptive changes will drive changes in overlapping industries such as insurance, […]


Business opportunities Education

WeChat, the popular social media network, is about to become China’s first official national electronic personal ID system. On Monday, authorities in Guangzhou, one of China’s largest cities, announced that its citizens in the southern province will no longer need to bring their ID cards on their person, as long as they have a phone […]

Start-ups shine as corporates turn to T-Hub for innovation

Innovation Lifestyle

HYDERABAD:The number of major corporates looking at T-Hub for collaborations over the past year has grown tremendously. Microsoft, Uber, Boeing, Facebook, Intel and UTC were among those looking at the start-up initiative to find the right kind of unit to solve their problems. Mr Rama Iyer who heads this programme at T-Hub said, “Corporates can […]

Arundo Analytics Extends IIoT Analytics Reach

IIoT Internet of Things

As organizations start delving into the nuances of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications many of them are finding a need to strike a balance between real-time analytics at the edge or on a gateway and more traditional batch-processing in the data center. To address that Arundo Analytics developed a federated approach to IIoT analytics […]

Olympic Planners Want To Scan The Faces Of Hundreds Of Thousands At The 2020 Tokyo Games

Innovation sports

According to The Japan Times, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics plan to use expansive face recognition software at the games, scanning and tracking the faces of hundreds of thousands of athletes, journalists, and officials. Sources close to Olympic officials told the newspaper that the technology won’t be used on spectators. The sources said the […]

charge cell phones, tablets, 5 in 1

3D Print Advanced Materials

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Future of the Global Adaptive Robotics Sales Market – Growth, Latest Trend & Forecast 2022


Questale published a new in-depth industry research that focuses on Global Adaptive Robotics Sales market, delivers detailed analysis of market and future prospects of Global Adaptive Robotics Sales market. The critical and significant data in the study makes the research a very important tool for experts, analysts and managers to get ready-to-access analysis by the […]

Based in Jerusalem’s VLX Ventures incubator, the company is developing a cutting-edge Analytics-as-a-Service platform for advanced data and predictive analysis.

Big Data Machine learning

Israeli startup Shoodoo Analytics has raised $550,000 in a seed financing round from the VLX Ventures technological incubator to help develop the next generation of predictive analytics platforms. The Jerusalem based company is developing a cutting-edge Analytics-as-a-Service platform for advanced data and predictive analysis for companies and organizations, which enable every manager in the organization […]

Mutko Steps Down from Russian Football Role

2018 FIFA World Cup Lifestyle

Mutko told reporters in Russia today he was stepping down to dispute his Olympic ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The IOC included a lifetime ban for Mutko for his role as Sports Minister during the manipulation of the doping lab at the Sochi Olympics. Mutko also served as head of organizing the […]

How To Manage Your Software And Hardware Assets.

Assets Technology

Building an embedded and sustained Information Infrastructure is at the very center of most organisations today. Be it for a digital transformation initiative, compliance, cyber security or a pure cost efficiency initiative. Increasing number of organisations are looking to optimise their IT Infrastructure effectively than ever before. But how exactly do you manage these assets […]


Education Innovation

Physicists have done the seemingly impossible: found a way to track mysterious quantum particles even when those particles aren’t being directly observed. In classical physics, an object occupies only one state of being at a time; something could be either alive or dead, for example, but not both simultaneously. But quantum physics, which seeks to explain how life […]


Education general

Raise your hand if you’ve got spices on a spice rack that you have no idea what to do with. Everyone? We definitely do. Over time, they just seem to add up as you buy them for one recipe, then promptly forget about them (here’s looking at you, marjoram). In order to avoid amassing spices […]

Halleluyah Diet – The Holy Grail Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Education Lifestyle

Now we know why Daniel chose vegetables and fruits and not the choice food of the king of Babylon. Halleluyah Diet is founded on the biblical creation story in Gen 1:29. This diet consists of freshly made carrot juice, vegetable juice, barley grass powder and an herbal colon cleanser. Although, it is not easy to change one’s […]

Britney Spears shows the results of her healthy lifestyle in a skintight minidress

general Lifestyle

BRITNEY Spears braved the winter chill to flash her legs in a daring cut-out dress that perfectly highlighted her toned body. The popstar, who has embraced a healthy lifestyle crammed with gym workouts during her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas, proved hours spent sweating it out had paid off as she plumped for a VERY racy […]

5 best Internet cafe software for Windows 10 to use in 2018

Business opportunities Education

Internet café software allows you to control and secure your cyber café, WiFi, public computers, your gaming center and more. There are all kinds of Internet café programs on the market, both free and paid editions, and we picked five of the best tools to help you decide easier. Take a look at their unique […]

Guardian Project Debuts Haven Security App to Protect Personal Privacy 0 BY BRINKWIRE ON DECEMBER 23, 2017

Business opportunities Education

“Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy, through an Android app and on-device sensors,” the GitHub page for the Haven project states. The Haven app is being built as an open-source project and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) […]

Black holes in Universe: Gravitational wave detector to be built in India by 2025

general science.

India is all set to build a new gravitational wave detector to measure waves in the fabric of space and time in 2025, in collaboration with universities around the world. Once the new Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detector is built it will add to the two already operational in the US. The first gravitational waves produced […]

CyBe Construction Demonstrates Speed, 3D Printing Five Concrete Benches in One Day

3D Print Business opportunities

Since then, CyBe Construction has gone on to accomplish some major 3D printing projects, including the R&Drone Laboratory in Dubai. Among those have been some smaller but just as impressive projects as well, including a recent undertaking that involved several 3D printed benches for Dutch company Dura Vermeer. Dura Vermeer initially asked for one bench to be […]

Corporate volunteering: underestimated opportunities in aging societies?

Education Family

Corporate volunteering relates to the corporate sponsoring and subsidizing of employees’ efforts to perform community service. For example, the grants their employees 24 hours paid volunteering time per year to support their own charities or get involved in workshops, ongoing mentorship, and school programs. Other programs span several weeks and may be tied to long-standing […]

Nova Lifestyle signs new product supply contracts with MGM Resorts International & others in Las Vegas

general Lifestyle

Ms. Tawny Lam, CEO of Nova LifeStyle said, “Nova LifeStyle’s “Hollywood Glam Collection” is a tribute to the classic glamour and elegance that recalls the Golden Era of Hollywood. The Company has received considerable interest in this new product category. Customers are particularly drawn to the lush interplay of deep jewel tone velvets, rich woven fabrics, […]

Desktop Metal Begins Shipping Its Metal 3D Printers For The Office

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Massachusetts-based metal 3D-printing startup Desktop Metal announced Monday that it’s now shipping it’s printers to customers in its “Pioneer” program. These first printers are from its Studio System, which allows in-office printing of metal parts in a fast, effective manner. The first group to receive a printer is Google’s Advanced Technology and Products Group. Other customers include the […]

A focus on kindness at Warrensburg-Latham school

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Junior high teacher Crystal Hoadley, who teaches science to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, has been doing The Kindess Project for a few years now. Middle school students, knowing that everyone is restless the last week or so before winter break, and that teachers appreciate any help they get, spend time on projects with elementary students.  […]

Real Madrid Transfer News: Latest Rumours on Kepa Arrizabalaga’s January Move

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Both the stopper and Los Blancos would prefer to do business in January, but despite his contract status, the Basque club are unlikely to sell at a reduced fee. Bilbao survive on their youth setup and are notoriously difficult to negotiate with.     Rumours on Kepa Arrizabalaga’s

S&T Project Helps Secure First Responder Apps From Cyberattacks

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A pilot project funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) resulted in the successful remediation of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities in mobile applications (apps) used by the nation’s public-safety professionals, supporting the creation of an on-going mobile app-testing program. In emergency and disaster situations, mobile devices and apps enable public-safety professionals to […]

Así se viaja en el cohete para turistas espaciales de Jeff Bezos

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Mientras SpaceX sigue mandando cohetes al espacio siendo reutilizados, la empresa de cohetes del fundador de Amazon sigue su curso con las pruebas para lanzar su cohete al espacio, pero en este caso sólo para turistas espaciales. Blue Origin, la empresa de Bezos, ha publicado este vídeo donde demuestra lo que podrán ver los futuros turistas. Y […]

Morgan Advanced Materials (LON:MGAM) Given Hold Rating at Numis Securities

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Numis Securities reissued their hold rating on shares of Morgan Advanced Materials (LON:MGAM) in a research report released on Tuesday, December 5th. Numis Securities currently has a GBX 350 ($4.71) price target on the stock.   consensus price target of GBX 341.82 ($4.60)

A 2020 G.I. Joe Movie May Be the Start of Hasbro’s Cinematic Universe

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The first film announced is a new G.I. Joe film, due out March 27, 2020. After that is a Micronauts movie on October 16, 2020, a new Dungeons and Dragonsmovie on July 23, 2021, and then an untitled film based on another Hasbro property on October 1, 2021.     all of which are themed to Hasbro properties.

Transworld SNOWboarding, Powder Magazine award annual honors in Breck


Anna Gasser, the 2017 Burton U.S. Open and X Games Norway slopestyle champion, and French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis took home the coveted Rider of the Year awards. Paradis also played a major role in the film that won Video of the Year, “Beacon,” a collaboration with filmmaker Hayden Rensch that documented what Paradis and […]

In Uganda, could entrepreneurship be the key to tackling youth unemployment?

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On an August morning, at a festival ground less than an hour from Uganda’s capital city of Kampala, banners touting agribusinesses bent in the breeze across from a small stage. There, a young group of grass-skirted performers danced and sang, a youth brass band blared its horns, and a circus troupe performed acrobatics to the cheers […]

A Startup Uses Quantum Computing to Boost Machine Learning

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There is currently a remarkable amount of excitement surrounding efforts to develop practical quantum computers. Big technology companies, including IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft, as well as a few well-funded startups are racing to build exotic machines that promise to usher in a fundamentally new form of computing.     computer with just 100 qubits should

Latest happenings in medical, business, and education 3D printing news

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“We took the unknown technology of two-photon-polymerization out of a research niche,” said Nanoscribe Co-Founder Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener, professor at the Institute of Applied Physics and director of the Institute for Nanotechnology at KIT. “Because of the great interest, as well as the high technical complexity, the idea emerged to make this capacity available as […]

Cops join WhatsApp groups to watch trouble makers

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Senior police officers of the Udaipur Range have asked all its SPs, additional SPs and even SHOs to befriend people running various social networking groups and become members of these groups. Many people are coming up for the support of Shambu Lal the alleged ‘hate’ killer and thus at various social networking platforms inflammatory messages […]

World Cup 2018: six of St Petersburg’s best hotels and restaurants

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While Moscow will attract diehard soccer fans to 2018 Fifa World Cup with the 12 games it hosts – including the June 14 tournament opener and July 15 final – St Petersburg appeals to discerning travellers who love art, history and occasionally, soccer, for its seven World Cup matches and thousands of historic and luxurious dining places […]

Tibco and Nabors advance smart drilling technology

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“Industrial IoT is transforming every industry, and smart drilling is a disruptive way to deliver economic and social value in the energy market,” Mark Palmer, senior vice-president, analytics, Tibco, said in a statement. “Nabors’ approach is visionary, with real-time drilling analytics that will quickly leverage machine learning models and immediately make IoT-fueled decisions on streaming […]

Best Software & Hardware Bitcoin Wallets for Windows, iOS, Android

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Hardware wallets don’t store the bitcoins but give you secure access to managing your bitcoin software wallets. Here are 5 of the best hardware wallets for bitcoin. Ledger Nano S: This one is a very affordable hardware wallet for bitcoin. It costs only $65. But don’t worry about security, there is no compromise on that. Ledger […]

Eastman Chemical Company (EMN) Shares Bought by Private Advisor Group LLC

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Private Advisor Group LLC increased its holdings in shares of Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) by 106.7% during the third quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The institutional investor owned 8,697 shares of the basic materials company’s stock after purchasing an additional 4,490 shares during […]

How young Emelle survived anorexia

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At the height of her illness, Emelle Lewis weighed just five stone, dressed in children’s clothes and refused to sit down in order to burn calories. Now she hopes her experience will inspire others battling the condition. The eating disorder first took hold when she was 15, with Miss Lewis believing she was too ‘fat […]

Switzerland thrives on apprenticeship tradition

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As Europe’s economy recovers, companies and investors across the continent are gearing up for new opportunities by taking advantage of its hidden strengths: education, skills and innovative people. Here we look at how the Swiss vocational training system helps it to top global competitiveness tables.    Switzerland thrives on apprenticeship tradition

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Comcast, Hyatt, Ultimate Software named champions of diversity by Great Place to Work

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Comcast NBCUniversal, Hyatt Hotels and Ultimate Software are the three best places to work in the U.S. when it comes to fostering diversity, a survey has found.  The workplaces foster an atmosphere of acceptance for employees no matter their gender, color sexual preference, age or disability. That is the finding of Great Place to Work, […]

Biochemist Bert Poolman: The Dutch Synthetic Cell

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Wind turbines have replaced windmills in the North Holland farmlands outside Groningen, and Google now has a significant presence in the city itself. Otherwise Groningen looks like a page from Hans Brinker. One in every five residents is a student, many at the University of Groningen. It’s a culture where friends still share bike rides on the back […]

Animated Spider-Man Movie May Be Titled ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

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According to an official listing of movie trailers’ ratings over at the Canadian provincial government’s website, the film will be titled Animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Sony declined to comment on the possible title’s accuracy. Based on this title we can assume the film — starring the Ultimate Universe incarnation of Spider-Man, Miles Morales — will explore […]

Lionel Messi’s son Thiago not football crazy like Luis Suarez’s boy, Benja

2018 FIFA World Cup sports

Lionel Messi says his two sons could not have more different personalities, describing his youngest Mateo as “terrible” while the older Thiago is not as football-obsessed as his friend Benjamin Suarez, son of Messi Sr.’s Barcelona teammate, Luis.   Lionel Messi’s son Thiago

Top 5 Fintech companies to look out for in 2018

Fintech start-ups

While most of the fintech companies are committed to offering convenience to the consumers, the company which has the right strategy to make the money flow easily between consumers will be able to lead the fintech space.    Top 5 Fintech

MIT researchers are making computers out of live bacteria

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In the future, you could be eating cancer-detecting robots in much the same way you take your morning vitamins. Researchers at MIT have created a new responsive material that can change along with its environment, using living cells that act like basic computers. The technique uses genetically engineered bacteria—fine-tuned to respond to various stimuli—that can be 3D-printed […]

Florida Lifestyle Homes newest model at Quail West

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“The design is based on our popular St. Martin model,” said Bill Ennen, president and founder of Florida Lifestyle Homes. “In the St. Martin II, we’ve incorporated exciting new features and innovations to create what promises to be a truly special home.”    Florida Lifestyle Homes

Tesla Wins in Missouri and Now Faces 5 More Battles

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Tesla can claim another victory in its multi-year war with franchise automobile dealers over its ability to sell directly to customers. Now five major battles remain for the electric automaker.   company sells its own cars directly online

No more Uber, Hertz, or even car owners: How Amazon and Apple will take us all for a ride

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APPLE’S LARGE, SECRET CAR PROJECT Let’s start with the Cupertino company. We know that Apple has a sufficiently large, secret project underway that has something to do with cars. I don’t think this is some souped-up version of CarPlay that it intends to license to automotive manufacturers. I think it is, in fact, developing an actual car. […]

What’s the hottest area in robotics? Platforms that can help chip away at Amazon’s lead

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“Advancements in robotics and self-guided vehicle technologies have enabled robots to enter the workplace as collaborators that can supplement and increase the productivity of human labor,” according to a Fetch spokesperson. “Unlike many systems that can take weeks or months to deploy software and infrastructure, train robots on their environment, and integrate them with dedicated […]

Brain Corp Wins CONNECT Most Innovative Product Award for Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles

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Brain won the MIP award for their proprietary robotics A.I. platform, BrainOS®, a self-driving technology that is a major breakthrough in the collaborative robotics market. It empowers organizations, large and small, to bring innovative, autonomous products to market, without undertaking expensive and lengthy R&D initiatives, so they can compete with major brands in the global marketplace.  […]

Joe Biden sits down with Tom Brokaw at the Wilbur Theater


Less than a week after Hillary Clinton’s visit to town, former VP Joe Biden was in Boston Monday, sitting down for a chat at the Wilbur Theatre with longtime TV newsman Tom Brokaw. Biden, the self-proclaimed scrappy kid from Scranton, Pa., is holding a series of such conversations around the country as the 75-year-old former Delaware senator weighs whether he’ll […]

Exclusive: Uber paid 20-year-old Florida man to keep data breach secret – sources

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Uber announced on Nov. 21 that the personal data of 57 million users, including 600,000 drivers in the United States, were stolen in a breach that occurred in October 2016, and that it paid the hacker $100,000 to destroy the information. But the company did not reveal any information about the hacker or how it […]

5 in 1 cable to charge cell phones

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I bought this product to charge cell phones, tablets, 5 in 1, good price and quality. Cell Phone Cables, 5 in 1 cable Fast Charge USB http://amzn.to/2mnNR7p  cable to charge cell phones