Skillsoft Announces New Courses on Digital Transformation

Innovation Technology

Skillsoft defines digital transformation as the realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes to drive new value and experiences for customers and employees. Digital transformation initiatives enable the organization to compete more effectively in an ever-changing digital economy. Companies in all industries are using digital advances such as machine learning, robotics, […]

With ‘cholent’ and prayers, Haredim bring tech to study of ancient texts

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In a first-ever hackathon for Haredi engineers and programmers, more than 200 men and women brainstormed with mentors from the Israeli tech industry for 18 hours last week — to come up with ways to inject artificial intelligence and big data sciences into the study of ancient Jewish texts. the first Haredi hackathon in history

In ‘Body Music,’ Love Is Sweet, Sexy And A Touch Sentimental

general music

Now comes Body Music, a collection of 21 vignettes about love. Like Blue, it’s not without problems, but Maroh’s earnest romanticism buoys it over the trouble spots. Her compassion for human foibles made Blue‘s tale of two average French girls stand out among a million other love stories.Body Music

Elon Musk’s Greatest Hits in Pictures

Elon Musk Technology

When Elon Musk whipped the veils off his latest gobsmacking products Thursday night, he capped a seven-year string of dramatic innovations reminiscent of Apple’s headiest days. Because it wasn’t enough to say, Ta-da, here’s the world’s fastest long-haul semi truck, Musk reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a new Tesla Roadster, a tribute […]

Better Nutrition Could Mean Longer Survival for Elderly Mesothelioma Patients


Could eating better improve elderly patient’s chances of surviving malignant pleural mesothelioma? Another new study suggests that it may. An article in the journal Surgical Oncology found that lung cancer patients who score low on a nutritional status assessment tool called the Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index (GNRI) have worse outcomes after surgery.  nutrition today for you

Razer Phone announced with huge bezels, no headphone jack, and dubious gamer cred


Can you actually make an Android phone for gamers? Aren’t they all spec-heavy beasts of incredible processing burden? These are the questions Razer will have to answer as it introduces its first ever smartphone, appropriately titled the Razer Phone. Razer phone

Top technology trends will put CIOs, companies, in warp-speed mode

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In three years, you will be doing something completely different from what you are doing right now. That’s a message to you from Forrester Research analyst Brian Hopkins, who spoke to me this week about the firm’s recent report on top technology trends report affecting IT leaders.In three years, you will be doing something completely different […]

Blockchain Technology Will Influence International Relations

Block Chain

source: Block Chain today same now Most may not know it, but 2017 has been a major year for blockchain technology. Many individuals are familiar with Bitcoin, an early use case of a blockchain and a digital currency with libertarian roots that emerged in response to the 2008 financial crisis. However, blockchain technology offers much … […]

Alternative Blockchain Development: Xenon Becomes the Most Widely Held Token Ever

Block Chain

source: Block Chain today same now The Xenon project announces that their XNN token, which is derived from a blockchain that was forked from the EOS project, has become the most … Alternative Blockchain Development: Xenon Becomes the Most Widely Held Token Ever

Blockchain Can Prevent Odometer Fraud, Says EU Parliament

Block Chain

source: Block Chain today same now Blockchain technology could address or even prevent this fraud by recording data captured from cars and allowing prospective buyers as well as government agencies to authenticate a vehicle’s odometer reading by comparing it to the most recent entry in a distributed database, which the report refers to … Blockchain […]